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Effective solutions for metal industries

Everyone’s seen it before: Goods made defective during transportation, production or by through handling of delicate metals. We would like to show you how to avoid these rejects with effective and simple protective measures.


RK Protective film

Krückemeyer offers a comprehensive range of protective films for metals and all common surfaces. No matter whether textured or high-gloss, aluminium, stainless steel, copper or brass – by choosing the right backing and adhesive we’ll find the optimum protective film for your high-quality surfaces. Self-adhesive surface protection films should be used when high-quality surfaces need protection, during processing, storage or transport.

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RK Schutzfolien

RK 248 Adhesive tape

RK 248 Strapping tape is a mono oriented polypropylene film with a single side coating of rubber adhesive. Suitable for packaging, bundling and securing of heavy, to very heavy, packaged goods. RK 248 has a high tear-resistance and is easily removed without residue. Simple and efficient to use.

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RK 248 Klebeband


RK Filament adhesive tapes

Krückemeyer offers a range of filament-reinforced adhesive tapes (fibreglass, plastic filaments, etc.). They are distinguished by a high tensile strength and low elongation at break. These adhesive tapes are especially useful for securing, bundling, packing and strapping heavy, and very heavy, goods. They can also be used to secure palettes.

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RK Filament Klebebänder


RK Coil Protect

Protect delicate coils during storage and transport! Stones, chips and rough surfaces can damage several layers of material when storing and transporting coils. This results in high reject costs, which you can avoid by using RK Coil protect. For this innovation Krückemeyer received was awarded with the “NRW Effizienzpreis 2013”.

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RK Coil Protect


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