Surface protection during abrasion. RK 679 High performance protective tape


Rapid, robust and effective.

It’s a common enough problem: A work piece needs to be processed – but only partially. Some parts need to be protected, or the grinding pattern should be accurately defined, e.g. at mitre joints. For this, Krückemeyer offers a simple and effective solution. The high-performance protection tape RK 679 is quickly and precisely positioned, and your work piece is protected during grinding, matting and glazing.

  • Protection of areas that shouldn’t be processed
  • Well defined grinding patterns for adjoining pieces, e.g. mitre joints
  • Protection of pre-processed surfaces
  • Also suitable for rough grinding work

The RK 679 is a self-adhesive protection tape made of stainless steel. In contrast to conventional solutions, often consisting of synthetic masking tapes, the high performance protection tape RK 679 has a high mechanical stress resistance and extremely high edge stability. Of particular note, this self-adhesive protection tape is also re-usable.

The stainless steel tape is very hard wearing and can be used for rough grinding work. Despite its robustness it can still be easily cut with scissors.


  • High mechanical stress
  • Tear resistant
  • Self-adhesive
  • Removable residue-free
  • Extremely high edge stability
  • Re-usable

This high performance tape is available with the dimensions of
50 mm x 0,15 m x 3 m. Other dimensions are also available on request.

For easy handling, the high performance tape is delivered in a dispenser box.


RK679 tape




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Krückemeyer datasheed RK 679
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