10 Years Converting

Your custom made, brand name, abrasive belts, quickly ready for use.

In 2006 we began our shift from technical wholesaler to converter. Today, Reinhard Krückemeyer GmbH & Co. KG celebrates the 10 year anniversary of our in house production facilities for converting abrasives and adhesive tapes, as well as the production of die-cut parts.

Customer‘s experiences of supply shortfalls showed the need for abrasive production.

A bit more than 10 years ago, customer‘s requests began to build up at Krückemeyer‘s, they wanted to know if they couldn‘t, just this once, re-order a small batch of that custom abrasive belt, and have it delivered in a few days. The customer had a problem: they needed the right product, within a few days, made to the high standards of a brand name producer, and also in small batches.

A firm that is only technical wholesaler is fully dependant on their suppliers, at times like this they can only offer their customers a production and delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks. The lengthy delivery times would often cause problems for customers, which they had to deal with themselves. Krückemeyer, as the middleman, had their hands tied. To help the customers, and prevent short term supply shortfalls, we developed the ambition to establish in house abrasive belt production facilities.

Fast delivery times and flexible production to customer‘s requirements.

Today, Krückemeyer can rely on 10 years of know how in custom abrasives production. Flexibility, fast delivery times, and high quality brand name components, characterise our products. It’s not just standard articles that can be quickly produced and delivered, but also abrasive belts with customer specific dimensions. Belt lengths from 283 mm to 23,000 mm with a width of 3 mm to 300 mm are possible. Whether you need precision or powerful removal, a wide range of materials and grits are available. Talk to us!

Brand named rolled goods and our own RK product line.

Your custom made abrasive belt is produced from rolled goods from brand name manufacturers such as VSM, Klingspor, Norton, Starcke and many more. Our core capabilities of course include cutting, and most importantly, secure splicing of the abrasive belt. Krückemeyer‘s belts are defined by their functionality, reliability and safety.

Our own RK product line offers the same quality at a lower price. The up-to-date product information follows shortly.

Krückemeyer abrasive Converting overview:

  • Lower cost and faster delivery than leading producers
  • In house RK product line with lower costs and high material quality
  • Small production runs
  • Fast delivery times
  • Belt lengths from 283 mm to 23,000 mm
  • Belt widths from 3 mm to 300 mm
  • Cutting & splicing of the abrasive belt
  • Rolled goods from well known brand manufactures
  • Over 10 years of know-how

Profit from our know-how and trust us with your problems.


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Note: The quality of our product is kept under constant review and strict supervision. All information and suggestions are given in best conscience and are based on our practical expertise. Nevertheless Krückemeyer does not assume any liability for the correctness of statements provided, especially in terms of fitness for a particular purpose. With regard to the usability, we thus recommend carrying out appropriate trials. For further information our advisors and field representatives will be pleased to help you. © Reinhard Krückemeyer GmbH & Co. KG, photos © Reinhard Krückemeyer GmbH & Co. KG

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